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Our first pictures were from Barry Lloyd
To the Beat of the Drum
Thanksgiving Football
The Illicit Affair
Halloween 1999

Myself Historical Rave Flyers (96-97)
Halloween 1999
After College
Those Forlorn Days
High School
Bang - July 3rd, Syracuse
Flux - July 30th, Syracuse
Ecstasy - Sept 4th, Syracuse
Jupiter - , Syracuse
Omnivibe - Nov 19th, Ithaca
Eternal - Dec 10th, Ithaca
Odyssey - 28th, Ithaca
Cake - Feb 7th, Syracuse
More Cake
Daydream II - Feb 25th, Ithaca
Empire Strikes Back - March 11th, Norwalk, CT
Amtrance - March 31st, Buffalo
Neptune - April 1st, Syracuse
Neptune Lineup
Pure Energy - April 8th, Albany
Galactic Funk - April 15th, Buffalo
Believe - April 29th, Binghamton
Egg - April 29th, Poughkeepsie
Noise--Sweatshop - May 26th, Buffalo
Eclipse - May 28th, Syracuse
Rhythm - July 21st, Syracuse
Solar - Sept. 3rd, Syracuse
Saturn - Oct. 8th, Syracuse
Burn - Feb. 3, Rochester
Aquamarine - Feb. 3, Buffalo
Mosaic - Feb. 10, Baltimore
Harmony - Feb. 17, Buffalo
Figure 8 - Mar. 9, Rochester
Mars - Apr. 13, Syracuse